Lag/Server Starting Issues


Here are a few causes of why your server may not start:

1.      You have no more disk space. This will show in console as “Out of Space”

2.      You have chunk corruption in your world(s)

3.      There is a plugin error 


1.      Delays in typing, block breaking, damage or movement:

a. This type usually is due to: client’s own internet, issues with plugins or your world, and very rarely, network lag on the host’s side. A good plugin to have is called LagMeter. In game type the /lag command if you start feeling lag. If the TPS is near 20, then the issue is not related to the network.

2.      Barely can look around – this is on the client side and is a framerate.

b. This is usually due to chunk generation. Too much TNT can cause this. Sometimes, also outdated  plugins can be the cause.

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