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Congratulations on the purchase of your new Server. Please make sure that you have read our “server information” email so you can acquaint yourself with setting your password for the Multicraft Control Panel.  Some cool features:

·         File manager (web FTP – limited to 8mb)

·         Console (this shows all the events happening on the server as well as any errors)

·         Chat (this shows all the chat messages on the server)

·         Tasks (this is for setting things like restarts, or backups, etc.)

·         Server Settings (this controls things like monster spawning, whitelisting, game mode)

·         Quick start/stop/restart buttons



On the main panel page, you will find the start/stop/restart buttons that control your server.

You will also find the JAR File drop down list here where you can select any of our pre-uploaded builds of Minecraft, including: vanilla, CraftBukkit (recommended build), Craftbukkit Dev build, Craftbukkit Beta build, and the Weekly Snapshot.

You will also find the "World" box. This is where your world is named. The panel starts out with a blank box, so by default the name is “world”. If you choose to upload a new world, in this box is where you would type the world name.

The file is the configuration file for the Minecraft server.  You can edit this by going to the Files > Config Files > Server Settings page from the control panel. Remember if you make any changes to hit save and restart the server (or make changes while server is off).



The web FTP features allows you to edit, delete, and upload files from the control panel in your web browser, it is, however, limited to 8mb. We suggest instead you use a program, such as Filezilla (or Cyberduck for Macs). To get the information for connecting via one of those programs, go to the Files > FTP File Access.



Because Minecraft is very popular, you may want to whitelist your server if you do not intend for it to be made public. Hackers and just normal game players, can randomly type in IP’s and Ports and connect to servers. To whitelist your server, follow these directions: How to Whitelist



If you want to be able to use server commands while you are in-game, you will need to be an Operator (OP). To set yourself as an OP, follow these directions: Set yourself as an OP



Backups are your responsibility and are an extremely important tool for ensuring you can restore your server in case of griefers. You can backup your main world (the one entered in the "World" setting in the control panel) via the Files > Backup feature in Multicraft. Note that this does not backup any other files, but your main world. You can also set your server to take backups (note: the Multicraft panel only allows for 3 backups. It will overwrite your oldest backup each time. Also note, we do not allow the plugin minebackup. If this is found on your server, all files will be deleted). To set your server for automatic backups, follow these directions: Schedule Server Backups



We do allow the use of plugins on your server. The first thing you need to do is enable bukkit in order for a “plugins” folder to be created. Once that is done, plugins are all installed the same way. They usually come in a .jar file and simply need to be uploaded to your "plugins" folder. Some plugins require additional installation steps, make sure and read all instructions for plugins you are installing and follow any steps required. Follow these directions for additional information on installing plugins: How to Install a Plugin



We give you full server jar access (on our dirt plans and above), for the use of mods. As with most things, we will assist with things, however some are more complex and you will need to contact the author for assistance. Here is some general information on mod installation; however, following the mods install direction step-by-step is going to be your best resource. How to Install Custom Mods


Since all games have bugs and issues, please make sure and use our troubleshooting guide before submitting a ticket:  

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