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Low Latency & Global Locations

Having multiple locations means we can provide you with the fastest connection and highest performance possible. We are able to do this by running on our own PureVoltage Network.

24/7 Support

Ever need help in the middle of the night, only to wait days for a reply? Not here, we have a dedicated support team truly available 24/7 (even on holidays) to help you with your server.

Custom Jar Access

We provide you with custom access to jar files so you can run any modpacks you'd like on your server like FTB (Feed the Beast), Tekkit or any other of the thousands of modpacks available!

Our Locations

We have 6 datacenters across 2 continents delivering outstanding minecraft server speeds.

Reliable, Affordable & Secure since 2010.

Why Choose Minecraftserver.net over everyone else? Simply put, we've been here since the beginning. When Minecraft went into beta testing in late 2009, we were already learning how to host and manage our own servers. Since then Minecraftserver.net has been the original go-to minecraft server hosting company for the community and server administrators since 2010.

Coming up on 5 years of service now, we pride ourselves on owning, preparing and managing one of the fastest networks in the United States, along with Europe and soon South America. When it comes to minecraft server hosting, we know what server mods want and need at the right price, and our world-class customer service will ensure your satisfaction guaranteed. With 6 global locations and 2 more coming in 2015, Minecraftserver.net is ready to help you manage your minecraft server needs.

Amazing Prices $9.95 / GB

We are slashing our prices to just below the industry standard of $9.95 per GB. That translates into better prices no matter what your budget is, along with the same great service and support you've grown to love.

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Minecraft Server Hosting Hardware

Server Hardware. No More Downtime!

We only use the best equipment out there for our minecraft servers. We never buy desktop grade components. Everything is enterprise grade, providing the best uptime and performance possible!

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24/7 Support. Peace of Mind.

We believe in providing the best minecraft server support possible to our customers, this is possible by having multiple staff in different major time zones so you do not have to wait hours for something simple as a mod or plugin!

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Our Mission

"Performance, Support, Reliability, this is the foundation of our minecraft hosting business! Our mission is to be the most progressive and innovative supplier of minecraft server hosting available, and we do this by providing the best quality at a reasonable cost with outstanding customer support."

Owner Jake T