Installing Pixelmon with Cauldron/MCPC+

**You must have custom server jar access for this. If you do not have custom server jar access, put in a support ticket and we will enable it for you**  It will not work without this access.

1. Stop your server

2. Create a folder on your desktop called server

3. Download Cauldron/MCPC plus jar (for 1.6.4) onto your desktop

4. Download the Pixelmon mod 3.0.4 (zip) onto your desktop

5. Drop the mcpc plus jar file into the folder called server

6. Rename mcpc plus jar file to minecraft_server_mcpc

7. Double click on the minecraft_server_mcpc.jar file

8. This will create a lot of files. Wait about 5 minutes for it to finish

9. Drag and drop the pixelmon zip from your desktop into the mods folder

10. Upload all those files into your server using FTP

11. Once done, upload the libraries folder to the jar folder using FTP

12. Using FTP, move the minecraft+server_mcpc.jar into the jar folder

13. Close FTP

14. On the main panel type in the jar name minecraft_server_mcpc.jar

15. Click save on the panel

16. Start your server

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