Installing FTB - Feed The Beast

*A note, FTB client version must be installed on your computer and all your players if they wish to join* FTB Launcher

**You must have custom server jar access for this.** To set Jar Access: In your Multicraft control panel, go to: "Look for JARs in: and choose: "Server base directory*" Click Save. It will not work without this access.

1. Stop your server

2. Download the FTB server files (zip) from here: Feed The Beast Downloads or from the FTB launcher

3. Unzip the files (using 7zip) or Winzip, 7zip is a much better program and is also free.

4. Using Filezilla upload all the unzipped files into the main server directory.

4a. For FTB 1.7.10, and above you will need to double click the FTB Install bat file. This will create another jar file you will need to upload. DO NOT RENAME THIS FILE.

5. Rename the FTB jar to custom.jar Select "custom jar file use this" from the server drop down menu.

6. Click save

7. Start your server

8. Check the console for any error messages.

9. Read all of the steps above and make sure you have Jar access.

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