Plugin Troubleshooting


In most cases, plugin errors are caused because they are either outdated or they are not installed correctly, an example is if a plugin requires another plugin such as Vault and that is not installed. We offer Craftbukkit recommended builds, dev builds and beta builds via the drop down jar menu. You will want to make sure the plugins you install support the same version of CraftBukkit. If they are different versions, these can cause server errors, lag, and crashes.

For troubleshooting, first thing to do is check the console of any errors of outdated plugins. If there are, update them or disable them. If after updating, you still have errors, it could be your config file. Also, some plugins require a MySql database (which you can order from us).

Some common plugins that can cause lag:

·         Anti X-Ray (or any x-ray related plugin)

·         Anti-cheat

·         Multi-verse (if loading too many at once)

·         Out of date plugins


Process for checking plugins:

·         Stop the server

·         Disable all the plugins by renaming the .jar files with a .d at the end

·         Start up the server and check your console. If there are no errors, then you can add in the plugins one at a time.

·         Stop the server

·         Rename the .jar file of a plugin by deleting the .d at the end

·         Start the server (continue this process until you find the plugin causing the issue).

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