How to set up Essentials Group Manager

Note: Make sure you have already uploaded the jar files. Restarted the server and stopped the server to edit the yml files.

1. Go to the plugins folder


2. Select groupmanager


3. Select worlds (or world if only one). This opens the folder with the groups and users yml files.


4. You only have to edit the groups if you want different names or abilities


5. Open the users yml file


6. Add your name to the group you want (most likely admin)


7. Add your player names to the group you want them in


8. Save the file


9. Restart your server




subgroups: []
permissions: []
group: Default
subgroups: []
permissions: []
group: Builder
subgroups: []
permissions: []
group: Moderator
subgroups: []
permissions: []
group: Admin

In game, you can add players by typing /manuadd <player name> <group> it would look like /manuadd SirJakers Builder.

Here are the wiki resources:

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