Mysql Tutorial

Mysql should be used with plugins that use a lot of resourses such as BigBrother, Logblock, or Hawkeye.

In order to setup mysql you must have the following infomation.   Hostname:   Database:   Username:   Password:

When you get a mysql database from us we will give you the same username and database name to make setup easy for you.


Here is an example of how the config file might look.

Replace with the hostname of your MySQL server we gave you.

port: 3306
Set the correct port if you aren’t using the standard port. I would always recommend to use the standard port.

database: mcsql43
Set the name of your database that we gave you, this should be the same as your username

user: mcsql43
Set the actual user name for the database that we gave you, should be the same as the database.

password: passgoeshere
Set the actual password of the MySQL user we sent you.

For additional information, please read the guide for the plugin you wish to install.


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