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Minecraft, although fully released, is still a game that can have crashes, lag, bugs, and other issues. Throw in Craftbukkit and you increase the odds of those. Minecraft crashes and lags most times have nothing to do with the hosting provider. Most issues are from the way that Minecraft/Craftbukkit is coded. The game is made using Java so it can be cross platform to run on Windows, Linux, and Macs.

With the game being coded in Java, it makes troubleshooting a hard task. Most crashes are from the game itself being poorly coded along with plugins which are also not made well. Hosting providers such as ourselves can only do so much to try and help customers with crashing issues. Since we are not the coders of Minecraft, or the plugins you use, which means we can't always help with issues you're having with them however we're able to provide help and try to debug issues you're having


Some common causes of server issues are:

·         water/lava falling from too high

·         chunk error/corrupted worlds

·         outdated plugins

·         too much TNT being used (this takes up all the RAM on the server)

Here are some things to first try if you are having server issues:

·         Check your console. Error messages are usually preceded by a "[SEVERE]" tag. Some errors will tell you exactly what is wrong also. Note, most errors are shown during the startup of the server. Clear the console and start your server up to see if you have any errors. (If you see a plugin that shows an error, see our directions for plugin troubleshooting).

·         Check your server log file (under files > ftp file access). If your server log is very large (this is probably mainly due to world chunk corruption). You will want to delete your server log file if it gets above 5mb, as opening this is a hassle. Delete it and restart the server to create a new file. (If you see a possible world issue, see our directions for troubleshooting).



Here are a few causes of why your server may not start:

1.      You have no more disk space. This will show in console as “Out of Space”

2.      You have chunk corruption in your world(s)

3.      There is a plugin error 



1.      Delays in typing, block breaking, damage or movement:

a.       This type usually is due to: client’s own internet, issues with plugins or your world, and very rarely, network lag on the host’s side. A good plugin to have is called LagMeter. In game type the /lag command if you start feeling lag. If the TPS is near 20, then the issue is not related to the network.

2.      Barely can look around – this is on the client side and is a framerate.

b.      This is usually due to chunk generation. Too much TNT can cause this. Sometimes, also outdated plugins can be the cause.

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